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Dear Friends,

We believe that the Landmark Baptist Theological Seminary has been raised up by the providence of God to provide students with a Baptist education. The Seminary is located on a beautiful five acre campus near downtown Fort Worth. The Seminary is operated under the authority of the Landmark Baptist Church. The faculty is composed of academically qualified teachers with many years in the teaching ministry.

The Seminary provides programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Seminary stands, without apology, for that system of doctrine which teaches the absolute sovereignty of God, His electing grace, and the pre-millennial return of our Lord. In the department of ecclesiology this Seminary stands firmly on the old landmarks of the perpetuity of Baptist Churches as started by Christ during His ministry on earth. We believe the Bible is the infallible and inerrant WORD of GOD. The King James Version is required by teachers and students.

The greater Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area provides numerous job opportunities. The tuition at the Seminary is minimal to meet the need of those who cannot afford the high cost of a college education. We invite you to call or write today if you are interested in a school which still walks in the old landmarks of our fore-fathers.

By God’s grace,

Dr. Jack L. Green


A Message From The Dean

The purpose of the Landmark Baptist Theological Seminary is to train Christian leaders and workers, academically and spiritually, to serve around the world. We believe that we have the faculty, the programs, and the experience to provide our students with a quality education. We can prepare them to be preachers, missionaries, evangelist, Christian workers, laymen, Bible teachers with the ability to properly present of the Word of God.

Landmark Baptist Theological Seminary's Campus Division provides resident studies for those who seek a campus environment. Our Video and Audio External Studies Division enables full time pastors to complete their diploma program without leaving their pastorates. The External Studies Division offers full diploma programs. This makes it possible for anyone to further their education in the privacy of their own home without disrupting life and labor. Our Bible Institute Division brings the Seminary classroom to the local Church. This provides the means for the local Church to train those God calls into full time service without sending them away to Bible Seminary. These studies also enable the teachers and members of the local Church to participate in the joys and excitement of Bible Study.

All L.B.T.S. Courses, whether Campus, External Studies, or Bible Institute carry the same accreditation with credits being transferable to most Bible Seminaries across America. We welcome you to study and grow with L.B.T.S. where you are, or with us here in Ft. Worth, Texas.

For His Glory,

Dr. Jimmy Nelson


Extension Studies Division

The External Studies Division makes it possible for those who desire a quality continuing education, but are unable to enroll in our Campus Program, because of schedule or geographic location, to continue their education in the privacy of their own home and at their own pace.

The External Studies Division was started primarily to enable full-time pastors to complete their diploma program without leaving their pastorates. However, L.B.T.S. now offers full diploma programs through the External Studies Division. Both audio and video courses are available.

Tuition and Fees


1. A $30 registration fee will be charged for each student.

This is a one-time non refundable fee for student registration.

2. A $30.00 per CREDIT HOUR fee will be charged for each course. At least one-fourth of this should be paid when you order a course and the remainder can be paid over a period of three (3) months.

1. Graduation Fee: $50.00



External Studies Diploma Programs

Undergraduate Programs

30 hours - Certificate of Biblical Studies

60 hours - Associate of Biblical Studies (A.B.S.)

90 hours - Graduate of Theology (Th.G.) (for preachers only)

120 hours - Bachelor Programs:

Check with the Office of the Dean for additional Bachelor level programs.

Graduate Programs

Graduate programs require 30 credit hours of study above the Bachelor level, which may be any combination of classroom study, assigned study, practicum, and/or research work as determined by the Dean. In addition each candidate will be required to write an acceptable thesis or dissertation, prepared in accordance with school guidelines.

Masters programs are designed as professional studies for the full-time minister. Master level diplomas are not terminal, but rather preparation for Doctoral study.

L.B.T.S. operates on a semester system. One credit hour is equal to five weeks of classroom study. A semester consists of fifteen weeks.

Graduation Requirements

Display Christian character recommended by L.B.T.S.

The completion of the prescribed courses with passing grades and an accumulative GPA of at least 2.0 (unless otherwise dictated by a vote of the L.B.T.S. administration).

Payment of all financial obligations.



Cook, Dr. Ron

Tarleton State University, University of Phoenix, Bethany Bible College, Tyndale Theological Seminary, Landmark Baptist Theological Seminary

Davis, Dr. Don
BD, D.Lit, DMI, D.Th.Ed. ThD, PhD, DD

Bible Baptist Seminary; Homestead College of Bible; Seminario Biblico Batista; Faculdad de Educacao Teoligica de Amazonia Christian Bible College; Baptist Theological Seminary

Green, Dr. Jack
ThG, BA, ThB, MA, ThD, PhD, DD

Midwest Business College; Baptist Bible Seminary; Landmark Baptist College; Missionary Baptist College; Andrew Baptist College & Seminary;Landmark Baptist Theological Seminary

Hernandez, Dr. David
BBS, ThM, DMin.

TCJC; University of Montana; Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Tydale Theological Seminary, Landmark Baptist Theological Seminary

Houston, Dr. Young
BD, ThD, PhD, DD

Bible Baptist Seminary; Seminario Biblico Batista, Landmark Baptist Theological Seminary; Bible Baptist Seminary; Seminario Biblico Batista

Nelson, Dr. Jimmy
BA, ThM, DRE, D.Th.Ed. ThD, PhD D.Miss.

Baptist Christian College; Patriot Baptist Seminary; Seminario Bautista del Valle, Faculdad de Educacao Teoligica de Amazonia;
Landmark Baptist Theological Seminary, Patriot University

Potchanat, Dr. Samermit
Cert. Of Ed, Cert. Of Higher Ed, B.Ed, MA, ThM, ThD, PhD

Chantaburi Teachers College, Srinakharin Wirote University, Arlington Baptist College, Chulalongkoru University, University of Texas at Arlington, Landmark Baptist Theological Seminary

Whisenant, Dr. Mike
BD BA ThM, Dmin, ThD, PhD

Arlington Baptist College, Landmark Baptist Theological Seminary


Indonesian Course

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Sistematika Teologi I (Bibliologi)

Dr. Eddy Purwanto


Sistematika Teologi II (Teologi & Kristologi)

Dr. Eddy Purwanto


Sistematika Teologi III (Soteriologi)

Dr. Eddy Purwanto


Sistematika Teologi IV (Anthropologi & Pneumatologi)

Dr. Eddy Purwanto


Sistematika Teologi V (Ekklesiologi)

Dr. Eddy Purwanto


Sistematika Teologi VI (Eskatologi)

Dr. Eddy Purwanto



Dr. Eddy Purwanto


Teologi Pluralisme Agama-Agama

Wisma Pandia, Th.M.


Isu-Isu Kristologi Kontemporer

Wisma Pandia, Th.M.





Kritik Tekstual Perjanjian Baru

Dr. Eddy Purwanto


Kritik Tinggi Alkitab

Wisma Pandia, Th.M.


Eksposisi Kitab Galatia

 Dr. Eddy Purwanto




Puritan Evangelism

Dr. Eddy Purwanto



Baptist Distinctive

Dr. Eddy Purwanto



Filsafat Ilmu

Wisma Pandia, Th.M.


Chichewa Courses

CBI108         -1 Akorinto (I Corinthians)

Dr. Robert Lescelius

CCG101            -Udindo Wa Mdikoni (The Role of a Deacon)

Dr. Julian Rodgers

CTH103 - Kubweranso Kwa Ambuye (The Second Coming)

Dr. Robert Lescelius

CTH113        -Moyo Wa Muchiyero Sanctified Living

Dr. Robert Lescelius

CTH123 - Phunziro Lofotoleord Mulusou (Sacred Theology)

Dr. Robert Lescelius


Chinese Courses

CHBI100 - Revelation (17 Minute - Evangelism)
Prof. John Wen

CHBI101 - Revelation (Bible Course)
Prof. John Wen


Dr. Albert Seung

        -Basic Christian Doctrine

Dr. Albert Seung

        -The Gospel of John

Dr. Albert Seung

        -I Corinthians

Dr. Albert Seung


English Courses



Spirit Leadership (Holiness)
Dr. Bob Lescelius

BI111 Spirit Leadership (Prayer)
Dr. Bob Lescelius

BI121 Spirit Leadership (Service)
Dr. Bob Lescelius

BI123 Old Testament Survey
Dr. Jack Warren

BI144 Pentateuch
Dr. Bryan Tom

BI146 Genesis
New Media

BI183 Prophesy
Dr. Don Gregory

BI202 Jonah
Rev. Stanley Semour

BI206 A Study of the Lord's Church
Dr. Bill Lee

BI210 The Book of Acts
Dr. Jack Green

BI223 New Testament Survey
Dr. Bruce Miers

BI226 Synoptic Gospels
Dr. David Hernandez

BI243 The Life of Christ
Dr. Bobby W. Herrell

BI246 Commentary of Luke
New Media Bible

BI253 General Epistles
Dr. Bobby W. Herrell

BI263 The Gospel of John
Dr. Bobby W. Herrell

BI113 Romans I
Dr. Jack Green

BI133 Romans II
Dr. Jack Green

BI302 The Book of Amos
Dr. Jimmy Nelson

BI306 The Ten Commandments
Dr. Phil Webber

BI313 Romans 1&2
Clyde Newby

BI333 Hebrews
Dr. A.V. Henderson

BI338 I Corinthians
Dr. Bob Lescelius

BI336 II Corinthians
Dr. Bob Lescelius

BI339 I Corinthians
Dr. Jack Green

BI366 Life Of Paul
Dr. John Napier

BI372 II Thessalonians
Rev. Stanley Semour

BI406 Revelation
Dr. Roy Kemp

BI416 Revelation
Dr. Julian Rogers

BI423 Bible Study Methods
Dr. Mike Whisenant

BI453 Introduction to the Cults
Prof. Tobias Neal

BI459 Kingdom Of The Cults
Dr. Walter Martin

BI483 Papal Babel (Catholicism)
Dr. Marvin Sprouse

BI486 Archaeology
Dr. Clifford Wilson

BI493 Crash Go The Chariots
Dr. Clifford Wilson

BI503 Creation Series
Dr. Clifford Wilson

BI513 Colossians
Dr. Phil Webber

BI523 Contagious Christianity
Dr. Phil Webber

BI536 Psalms
Dr. Jimmy Nelson

BI601 Treasures New And Old
Dr. Clifford Wilson


TH163 Seven Studies In Sacred Theology
Dr. Robert Lescelius

TH173 Seven Studies In Solemn Subjects
Dr. Robert Lescelius

TH183 Seven Studies In Saving Grace
Dr. Robert Lescelius

TH193 Seven Studies In Sanctified Living
Dr. Robert Lescelius

TH203 Seven Studies In Spiritual Experience
Dr. Robert Lescelius

TH213 Seven Studies In Serving Obedience
Dr. Robert Lescelius

TH223 Seven Studies In The Second Coming
Dr. Robert Lescelius

TH233 Seven Studies In Sure Ultimates
Dr. Robert Lescelius


CC111 Ladies Only Seminar
Dr. Weldon Spracklen

CC112 Men Only Seminar
Dr. Weldon Spracklen

CC113 Family Seminar
Dr. Terry Samples

CC123 Parent - Child Enrichment
Dr. Weldon Spracklen

CC126 Planned Family Seminar
Dr. Lanson Ross

CC132 Marriage Seminar Communicating, Best Friends, Bible And Sex, Marriage & Money
Dr. David Hocking

CC142 Spirit Controlled Family Living Seminar
Dr. Tim Lahaye

CC146 Christian Counselors Seminar
Dr. Jay E. Adams

CC152 Premarital Counseling
Dr. David Baxley

CC153 After You Say I Do
LaHaye, Burkett, Wright

CC163 Search For A Functional Family
Dr. C. Bob Hendley

CC171 Picking Up The Pieces
Clyde Beeson

CC173 Marriage Enrichment Series
Dr. Carl Brecheen

CC175 Life With A Plus

CC183 Marriage Enrichment Seminary - What Wives Need To Know,
How to Kill Communications, Speaking Frankly About Sex, Renewing
Romance in Marriage
Dr. Carl Brecheen

Church Growth

CG101 Role Of Deacons
Dr. Julian Rogers

CG102 Youth Seminar
Dr. Jerry Thorpe

CG103 Teacher Training Seminar
Mrs. Donna Brimmer

CG104 Creative Bible Teaching
Rev. Gil Gilmore

CG105 Walking With God
Rev. Bert Homer

CG106 Stewardship Promotion
Dr. Truman Dollar

CG112 Capital Fund Raising
Dr. Earl Murphy

CG113 Have Your Own Evangelistic Children’s Church
Rev. John Brimmer

CG114 Church Management
Dr. Truman Dollar

CG115 Salvation Message For The Deaf
Rev. Ronnie Rice

CG116 Teaching Tips
Leon Killbreth

CG123 Learning To Give
Dr. Earl Murphy

CG133 Big Brother Program
Dr. James Wilkins

CG143 Soul Winning Seminar
Dr. Bob Smith

CG152 How to Teach the Bible in the Classroom
Dr. Bobby Herrell

CG153 Christian Leadership & Motivation Clinic
Dr. Bob Smith

CG173 Junior Church Series
Kathy Partain

CG183 Families By Faith
Rev. Wally Williams

CG193 Seven Laws Of Teaching
Dr. Howard Hendricks

CG203 Abortion
Dr. Roy McLaughlin

CG213 Church Budget
Dr. Julian Rogers

CG223 Sherwood Park Baptist Youth
Dave Stanley


CO123 Video Photography
Video Magazine


EV103 Child Evangelism
Dr. Bruce Miers


CH103 The Trail of Blood
Elder Milburn *bleep*rell

CH113 Ecclesiology
Dr. Jack Green

CH108 The Trail of Blood
Elder Jerry Gumm


MI103 Major In Missions
Dr. Carl Boonstra

MI113 Missions
Dr. Bill Moffitt

MI115 So Send I You - Documentary of Work In Brazi

MI123 Practical Missions
Dr. Phil Gagnon

MI125 In The Potters Hand - Documentary Of Work In Mexico


MU113 Choir Clinic
Leonard Moody

Will’s Family Reunion And Testimonies
Wills Family

Let's Make Music
Betty Hughes

Personal Improvement

PI103 A.G.P. Speed Reading
Dr. Coy Quesenbury

PI113 A.G.P. Memory Course
Dr. Coy Quesenbury

PI123 Motivation
Dr. Coy Quesenbury

PI133 Personal Finance
Dr. Julian Rogers

PI143 Personal Bible Study
Dr. E. Harold Henderson

PI153 Financial Freedom
Dr. John P. Morgan

PI156 Personal Growth Seminar
Dr. James Wilkins


SC106 Creation, Science, Evangelism
Dr. Kent Hovind

Special Interest

SI101 Three Reactions To The Resurrection
Arnold Family

SI103 Prayer Seminar
Maxine Gardner

SI104 Sign Language
Joyce Vick

Hindi Courses

HCG103 - How To Lead A Soul To Christ

Joseph Samy



Portuguese Courses

PAP103      -Filosofia Da Religiao

Dr. Chible Pardauil

PBI103       -Pentateuco

Pr. Antonio Negreiros

PBI106       -O Livro de Romanos

Pastor True Hawkins

PBI113       -Livros Poeticos

Pr. Haniel Rocha

PBI123       -Introdução ao Novo Testamento

Pr. Abimael Oliveira

PBI133       -Introdução ao Velho Testamento

Dr. Gouveia Raimundo Nonato

PBI143       -A Vida De Cristo

Dr. Jurivaldo Amaral Bahia

PBI153       -Os Livros Evangélicos

Dr. Roberval Viegas

PBI163       -Evangelho de Joao

Pastor Luiz Santos

PBI173       -Efesios

Pastor Luiz Santos

PBI183       -Livro De Apocalipse

Dr. Leonard Brown

PBI193       -Hermeneutica

Dr. Daniel Oliveira de Rocha

PBI213       -Evangelismo Pessoal

Dr.Jurivaldo Amaral Bahia

PBI223       -Evangelismo pessoal

Dr. Roberval Viegas

PBI233       -Geografia Biblica

Prof. Samuel Abreu

PBI243       -Dispensacoes & Aliancas

Prof. Samuel Abreu

PBI253       -Sintese Do Antigo Testamento

Prof. Samuel Abreu

PBI263       -Periodo Interbiblico

Prof. Samuel Abreu

PBI273       -Bibliologia

Dr. Chible Pardauil

PBI283       -Tipologia & Simbologia

Prof. Samuel Abreu

PBI293       -Heresilogia I

Dr. Daniel Rocha

PBI303       -Sua Cozinha Pode Ensinar

Edizinete Sousa

PCI103       -Evangizacao – Meta da Igreja

Pr. Nehemias Rodriques

PEP103       -Teologia Pastorial I

Dr. Francisco Alves

PEP113       -Teologia Pastorial II

Dr. Francisco Alves

PEP123       -Homilética

Dr. Gouveia Raimundo Nonato

PEP133       -Teologia Pastorial

Dr. Daniel Rocha

PFI103        -Historia Da Filosofia

Dr. Chible Pardauil

PHI103       -Historia Do Cristianismo

Prof. Fernando August

PTH103      -Doutrina

Dr. Jurivaldo Amaral Bahia

PTH123                                          -Doutrina Biblica I

Dr. Daniel Oliveira de Rocha               

PTH133      -Doutrina Biblica II

Dr. Daniel Oliveira de Rocha

PTH143      -Cristologia

Dr. Jacob Costa Soares

PTH153      -Escatologia

Dr. Jacob Costa Soares

PTH163      -Teologia Contemporánea

Dr. Jacob Costa Soares

PTH173      -Teologia Moral

Dr. Daniel Rocha



Spanish Courses


SBI102 Métodos de Enseñanza
Pastor Francisco Martínez

SBI103 Sinopsis Del Antiguo Testamento
Dr. Arturo De La Torre

SBI104 Epístolas Paulinas
Pastor Marcos Meléndez

SBI105 Cantar de los Cantares
Dr. Wally De Smet

SBI133 Genesis
Biblia Nuevo Media

SBI113 Liderazgo Espiritual
Dr. Felipe Gagnon

SBI123 El Libro de Eclesiastés
Pastor Santos Lopez

SBI143 Lucas
Biblia Nuevo Media

SBI156 El Libro De Hechos
Hno. Roberto E. Pineda

SBI173 Vida De Pablo
Hno. Luis Valverde

SBI183 Mandamiento Del Amor Y Filipenses
Hno. Francisco Guerrero

SBI192 Filemon
Hno. Francisco Guerrero

SBI193 Hermaneútica
Lic. Hernando Ramírez

SBI202 Homilética
Lic. Jose Boanerges Moran

SBI203 Libros Historicos
Dr. Felipe Gagnon

SBI212 Epistola De Santiago
Hno. Luis Valverde 

SBI213 Síntesis de Pentateuco
Dr. Felipe Gagnon

SBI222 Epistola De I Pedro
Hno. Luis Valverde

SBI223 Apocalipsis
Prof. Arturo Pineda

SBI232 Judas
Hno. Francisco Guerrero

SBI233 La Segunda Venida de Cristo
Dr. Charles Spurgeon 

SBI234 Apocalipsis
Hno. Douglas Thompson

SBI238 La Historia De La Biblia
Hno. Bruce Martin

SBI243 Sintesis de Pentateuco
Dr. Filipe Gagnon

SBI253 Introduccion A La Doctrina
Hno. Francisco Guerrero

SBI263 Evangelismo Personal
Hno. Abel Bonilla

SBI273 Practicas Pastorales
Hno. Bill Tabor

SBI283 Catolicismo
Dr. Filipe Gagnon

SBI293 Hebreos
Lic. Jose Boanerges Moran

Creciamento De La Iglesia

SCI102 Cual Biblia En Espanol?
Hno. Francisco Guerrero

SCI103 Preparacion De Maestros De La Escuela Dominical
Maria E. Argueta De Pineda

SCI113 Noviazgo
Prof. Tony Rivera

SCI123 Discipulado Biblico
Prof. Victor Quito


SC102 Consejos Biblicos
Dr. Felipe Gagnon

SC103 Seminar de Matrimonio
Dr. Felipe Gagnon

SCI113 El Tesoro Eterno - La Historia de la Biblia en Espanol
Pastor Joaquin Hurtado

SC107 La Consejería Pastoral
Dr. Wally & Karen De Smet

SC127 La Comunicación Eficaz
Dr. Wally & Karen De Smet


SEV103 Evangelismo de Niños Lic. Iris Salgado

Intereses Especiales

SIE101 Intimidad Sexual
Dr. Wally De Smet

SIE103 Llamamiento de la Mujer
Iris Salgado Vda. De Medina

SIE113 El Ministerio de Jovenes
Prof. Antonio Rivera

SIE123 El Lenguage de Señas Mexicanas
Hna. Debi Duryee

SIE105 Os Es Necesario Nacer Otra Vez Juan 3
Hno. David Surpless

SIE107 Mensajes del Campamento de Jovenes
Missionary Daniel Martin

SIE115 El Ciego Que Vio - Juan 9:7
Hno. David Surpless

SIE125 The Red Bicycle

SIE135 Contandole a Kelli

SIE145 Las Buenas Nuevas

SIE155 Hombre De Tarsus

SIE165 La Formacion de un Hogar Cristiano
Dr. Wally & Karen De Smet

SIE175 El Joven y Sus Relaciones
Dr. Walley De Smet

SIE185 !Mirad Cuanto Amor!

SIE195 Algo Mejor que Futbol

SIE205 El Nuevo

SIE215 !El Ganar es todo!

SIE225 La Comunicación Intima
Dr. Wally DeSmet


STH107 Doctrina Biblica
Dr. Arturo De La Torre


SMI103 Misionologia I
Lic. Francisco Martinez

SMI113 Misionologia II
Lic. Francisco Martinez



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